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Intertwining Graphonomics with Human Movements
20th International Conference of the International Graphonomics Society, IGS 2021, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, June 7-9, 2022, Proceedings

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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 20th International Conference of the International Graphonomics Society, IGS 2021/2022. Originally planned to be celebrated in September 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was held in June 2022.

The 36 full and 3 short papers presented at the conference were carefully reviewed and selected from 41 submissions and reviewed by a committee of 67 reviewers. Out of the 41 conferences, 26 papers were selected to be published in this proceedings.

The program was comprised of 6 oral sessions on the following topics: historical documents, forensic handwriting examinations, handwriting learning and development, and motor control. One additional poster session included papers on all previous topics, and three special sessions included papers on neurodegenerative disorders.

Forensic Handwriting Examination.- Forensic Handwriting Examination at IGS conferences: A review by numbers.- Impact of Writing Order Recovery in Automatic Signature Verification.- Spiral based Run-Length Features for Offline Signature Verification.- Historical Documents.- Tranillegalscript Alignment for Historical Handwritten Documents: The MiM Algorithm.- Improving handwriting recognition for historical documents using synthetic text lines.- Writer Retrieval and Writer Identification in Greek Papyri.- Handwriting Learning And Development.- Enhanced Physiological Tremor in Normal Ageing: Kinematic and Spectral Analysis of Elderly Handwriting.- Comparison between two Sigma-Lognormal extractors with primary schools students handwriting.- Effects of a graphomotor intervention on the Graphic Skills of children: an analysis with the Sigma-Lognormal model.- Copilotrace: a platform to process graphomotor tasks for education and graphonomics research.- Automatic Age Detection from Handwritten Documents.- Measuring the Big Five Factors from Handwriting using Ensemble Learning Model AvgMlSC.- Recognition of Psychological Wartegg Hand-drawings.- Motor Control.- iDeLog3D: Sigma-Lognormal Analysis of 3DHuman Movements.- Should we look at curvature or velocity to extract a Motor Program?.- The RPM3D project: 3D Kinematics for Remote Patient Monitoring.- Age Reduces Motor Asymmetry in Graphic Task.- Motor Movement Data Collection from Older People with Tablets and Digital Pen-based Input Devices.- Handwriting For Neurodegenerative Disorders.- Prodromal Diagnosis of Lewy Body Diseases Based on the Assessment of Graphomotor and Handwriting Difficulties.- Generation of synthetic drawing samples to diagnose Parkinson's disease.- Early dementia identification: on the use of random handwriting strokes.- Spectral Analysis of Handwriting Kinetic Tremor in Elderly Parkinsonian Patients.- Exploration of Various Fractional Order Derivatives in Parkinson's Disease Dysgraphia Analysis.- Lognormal features for early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease through handwriting analysis.- Easing Automatic Neurorehabilitation via Classification and Smoothness Analysis.- Signature Execution in Alzheimer's disease: an analysis of motor features