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Understanding Cultural Non-Participation in an Egalitarian Context
Palgrave Studies in Cultural Participation
Heikkilä, Riie

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This book uses a rich data set, from individuals whose background profiles statistically predict strong cultural non-participation, to explore the most salient lifestyles and symbolic boundaries drawn in these potentially disengaged groups.The book departs from a theoretical framework in which cultural practices and cultural participation in their most visible and tangible form are seen as manifestations of cultural capital and power, to show empirically that people and groups dubbed passive in many policy documents and scholarly research are actually relatively active, both in terms of traditional cultural participation and different kinds of social and anthropological understandings of participation. 
Part I: Situating The Research.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Contextualising Cultural Participation.- 3. What Do We Know About Cultural Participation And Non-Participation?.- 4. Defining The Research Object.- Part Ii: Cultural Milieus Of The "Potentially Passive".- 5. Affirmation.- 6. Functionality.- 7. Resistance.- Part Iii: Paving The Way For Future Debates.- 8. Conclusion. 
Riie Heikkilä is a Docent of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tampere University, Finland. Her main research interests include cultural and social stratification, the links between cultural consumption and production, and the mechanisms behind inequal distribution of cultural capital. She has published widely on these topics in journals such as The Sociological Review, New Media & Society and American Journal of Cultural Sociology. Her most recent book is Enter Culture, Exit Arts? The Transformation of Cultural Hierarchies in European Newspaper Culture Sections, 1960-2010 (Routledge 2019, together with Semi Purhonen, Irmak Karademir Hazir, Tina Lauronen, Carlos Jesús Fernández Rodríguez and Jukka Gronow).