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How Does My Garden Grow?

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In 2020, we moved from the Colorado Rockies to the Midwest. Excited to be in the land of rich soil, I arrived with a garden plan in hand, and the intention of creating a glorious flower garden to leave behind as my legacy. I anticipated that it would take five years to get things established, which was pushing things a bit. But we were retired, and every day could be spent in the yard. And I surely wasn't getting any younger!
Our timing turned out to be fortuitous, as Covid-19 bloomed faster than the Dandelions, and our new community was shuttered before that first week was up. Enforced Social Distancing meant that it would be a long time before we could mix with neighbors or townsfolk. There was really nothing to do, but garden!
This is now our third summer, and Covid still reigns. But I'm pretty happy with the fruits (blooms?) of my labors. This little book shares a few lovelies with other Pandemic-petrified persons, and I hope it elicits joy.