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Ready To Count
Unicorn Maths Activity Book for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Maths activity book for toddlers and preschoolers
Publication, Newbee

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Number and shape learning book with the combination of mazes, colouring pages (Unicorn theme)Are you looking for a combination of number and shape learning & colouring books for your little ones?
This book combines numbers and shapes learning with unicorn colouring images. It is an excellent book for toddlers and preschoolers who have just started learning letters and numbers. This book provides space to practice numbers and shapes and also learn how to colour within the lines.
Preschoolers need to practice improving eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. It is always ideal that learning and skills be incorporated interestingly so that Kids never know that they are learning a skill while having fun in a particular activity.
There are many colouring books, but this book combines all kinds of books. This book will help to learn 1-20 numbers, 21 different shapes, six unicorn pictures to colour and four mazes.

Kids learn better when they have various activities, which will help their brains make connections.
This book is a solution to it. This book is based not only on unicorns but also on other animals helping little brains to count. They are colouring and learning to colour within the lines to follow shapes and use their problem-solving skills to identify the way out to reach a specific area through the maze. Some shapes and numbers are intensely faded to improve concentration and visual integration.
If you think this is what you are looking for Buy nowAnd see the happiness on your little one's face.