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Home For Christmas 100 Piece Mini Shaped Puzzle
Brass Monkey & Galison

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Home For Christmas 100 Piece Mini Shaped Puzzle


This mini-puzzle by Brass Monkey is the perfect way to get your message across, loud and clear. It even comes in a small giftable box, with a place to write your own clever* note on the back.*Actual cleverness not guaranteed.- 100 piece shaped mini-puzzle.- Features four-color artwork w/ foil accents.- Completed puzzle measures 7.25" wide by 7.25" tall.- Box measures 3.75" wide by 4.375" tall (and 1.25" thick btw).- Includes a dedicated area to write a personal message on the box.
Brass MonkeyVintage-inspired SmartasseryCreated by Mike Sayre and Melanie Bridges way back in 2020, Brass Monkey was founded on the idea that there's a world between fine china and bobblehead dolls. That products can have personality, without becoming roadside souvenirs. So that's where you'll find them. . . making beautiful, well-designed items that just happen to have a sense of humor. Who said that art school and open-mic nights were such a waste of time? We're looking at you, dad.