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Answer to A Fathers Call
Uno, Ikpe

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Über den Autor

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Judgely Uno is on the verge of dropping out of University study, for reason of the actions of global leaders on his private property. He comes the conclusion that this collaboration with world leaders allows some to see a career taken off while it's owner undergoes a programme of study as a job done for free, a life given away to be destroyed by idiots because they are female or weaker sex. Then He takes a stand to save his career from the conspiring societies of men and women who intend to become liberal, world aware and rich. A Tunnel Light Books and Holdings Ltd Packaged Creative Equity Brokerage, the organically flawed Autobiographical Journal of a British Arch Prince, written by HH to benefit the reader by creatively pointing to some of the finer responsibilities.

This is the Product of a 13-year engagement within a Royal Trust on Administrative, financial and Market matters through
1. A Mass Media work Court, which has served as a live Journal for Public service business.
2. A Consortia of Industries, careers and Female interest enterprises and ventures
3. A Fashion Models' Coven