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Stories from Tagore
Tagore, Rabindranath

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Excerpt: and loyal, guard and ward. dumbfounded . This word has come into the English language from common speech. It is a mixture of the English word dumb, and the Latin "fundere," "to pour" which we find in confound, profound, confusion. It is not often that we get such hybrid words in earlier English, though to-day they are becoming common in the case of new words such as motorcar, speedometer, airplane, waterplane, automobile, etc. The old rule used to be that a compound word in English should have both its parts from the same language (e.g. both parts Latin, or Greek, or Saxon, etc.). But this rule is rapidly breaking down in common practice as new words rush into the English language to express all the new discoveries of science. We have English and Greek roots mixed (such as airplane), and Latin and Greek roots mixed (such as oleograph). Pg 127 THE CASTAWAY Pg 128 Pg 129 VIII THE CASTAWAY Towards evening the storm was at its height. From the terrific downpour of rain, the crash of thunder, and the repeated flashes of lightning, you might think that a battle of the gods and demons was raging in the skies. Black clouds waved like the Flags of Doom. The Ganges was lashed into a fury, and the trees of the gardens on either bank swayed from side to side with sighs and groans. In a closed room of one of the riverside houses at Chandernagore, a husband and his wife were seated on a bed spread on the floor, intently discussing. An earthen lamp burned beside them. The husband, Sharat, was saying: "I wish you would stay on a few days more; you would then be able to return home quite strong again." The wife, Kiran, was saying: "I have quite recovered already. It will not, cannot possibly, do me any harm to go home now." Every married person will at once understand that the conversation was not quite so brief as I have Pg 130 reported it. The matter was not difficult, but the arguments for and against did not advance it towards a solution. Like a...

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