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Deklan's Dragons
Gallant, Angeline & Gallant, Keannan

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Über den Autor

Angeline Gallant is a Geneology addict who loves to work on her family tree and help others with theirs. This passion for history plays a huge role in her books as well.

An Old Stock Canadian and a homeschooling mother living in Canada, Angeline is determined to leave her own special mark on the world through her work, her child, and her writing.

Angeline is an author on Goodreads. If you follow her account on Goodreads, she will follow back.


When Charlie accidentally leaves the portal to the Underworld open too long, a mischievous young dragon manages to cross the threshold into our world.

Flame's appearance uncovers secrets the adults in Deklan's life have been trying to keep from him to protect him from the hunters. Now that the secret is revealed, Deklan is facing his greatest adventure yet as the Underworld counts on him to be successful on his quest.