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Human-Automation Interaction
Mobile Computing

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This book provides practical guidance and awareness for a growing body of knowledge developing across a variety of disciplines. This initiative is a celebration of the Gavriel Salvendy International Symposium (GSIS) and provides a survey of topics and emerging areas of interest in human-automation interaction.  This set of articles for the GSIS emphasizes a main thematic areas: mobile computing.  Main areas of coverage include Section A: Health, Care and Assistive Technologies; Section B: Usability, User Experience and Design; Section C: Virtual Learning, Training and Collaboration; Section D: Ergonomics in Work, Automation and Production. In total, there are more than 600 pages emphasizing contributions from especially early career researchers that were featured as part of this (virtual) symposium and celebration.  Gavriel Salvendy initiated the conferences that run annually as Human-Computer Interaction within LNCS of Springer and Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics International (AHFE). The book is inclusive of human-computer interaction and human factors and ergonomics principles, yet is intended to serve a much wider audience that has interest in automation and human modeling.  The emerging need for human-automation interaction expertise has developed from an ever-growing availability and presence of automation in our everyday lives. This initiative is intended to provide practical guidance and awareness for a growing body of knowledge developing across a variety of disciplines and many countries.


Don't Stand so Close to Me: Acceptance of delegating intimate health care tasks to assistive robots.- Designing a Voice Intelligent Agent: A Review and Appraisal.- Job crafting & re-design in a rapidly changing world of work: A bibliometric analysis & review.- Resilience Engineering and Safe Work Method Statements in Construction Projects.- Agent Transparency for Human-Autonomy Teaming.- Cuteness Engineering and UX Design.- Small screen-large information challenge for older adults: navigating through big pictures and menus of mobile phones.