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Problems and Solutions in Thermal Engineering
with Multiple-Choice Type Questions
Kumar, Shiv

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This book is a collection of over 225 multiple choice type questions (MCQs) and more than 40 practice/exam questions with solutions. This book complements a 2-volume textbook set titled Thermal Engineering  by the same author. The answers are adequately supported by well-illustrated diagrams wherever necessary for better understanding of the concepts. The book also included steam tables as an appendix to aid in problem solving .This book proves useful for undergraduate students of mechanical engineering and related disciplines. The book is used in conjunction with the author's textbook set on thermal engineering or as a supplement to other core textbooks and lecture materials. It is used to support classroom teaching or as a self-study guide. The problem-solution format also proves useful for students and professionals involved in exam prep for graduate university entrance tests and professional certifications. 

Basic of Thermodynamics.- First Law of Thermodynamics.- Second Law of Thermodynamics.- Entropy.- Properties of Pure Substance.- Vapor Power Cycles.- IC Engines.- Gas Turbine.
Shiv Kumar, formerly Head of Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering and Associate Professor in College of GGSIPU, Delhi, obtained his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Machine Design and Automation Engineering from R.E.C. (presently NIT), Jalandhar, and Master's degree in Thermal Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering (presently DTU), Delhi. The author aims to share his knowledge gained from his teaching experience and to provide rich material related to mechanical engineering to students as well as the teachers. He has 18 years of teaching experience. He has to credit several books in mechanical engineering, namely fluid mechanics, fluid mechanics and fluid machines, thermal engineering, mechanical engineering, and elements of mechanical engineering.