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El Dorado? No! Heathrow Airport
Levy, Tony

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Über den Autor

I am a 69 year-old cancer survivor from Tottenham. A family man and former prison officer. After spending 25 years in the UK's prison service, and having become increasingly disillusioned with stifling modern prison service politics and practices, in 2008 I took my pension pot and ran, moving to Spain to spend my early retirement in the sun. This autobiography A Turnkey or Not? is about my prison service life is my first book.

My wife and I, however, temporarily moved back to the UK due to the economic climate, at the time. And I returned to working life.

I have completed a second book all about working at a major UK airport as a security officer, based on true facts it is an observational look at how staff, passengers and management treat being subject to modern airport security.

This is my third book to be published not bad for a man who started life as wanting to be a soccer star and won a writing competitiion when I was just 13 years of age


Former HMP Security Officer, Tony Levy reveals the shocking truth of life inside one of Britain's busiest airports. He exposes the pressures faced by its 76,000+ staff, the traits of pampered celebrities as they pass through the terminals, and the weird, wonderful, and sometimes shocking behaviour of other passengers. Tony delivers his unique portrayal in a sometimes comedic manner, and it was this humour that relieved the intensity of life inside Heathrow's bustling terminals.
When author Tony Levy received his devastating cancer diagnosis, far from crumbling, he decided to write his second book, El Dorado? No! Heathrow. With his admirable background as a Prison Officer, followed by an even more challenging position in Airport Security, he was able to manifest an instinctive response to threats, and it was this that helped him turn a bad scenario into positive action. The British born author creates a literary storm with insider revelations, yet he modestly regards it as his job to expose only the truth to his ever-increasing audience of readers. Tony, who can tell many a tale about celebrity showdowns now resides in Spain with the love of his life, wife Jacinta. Although he's living it up in the sun, his distinctive style continues to grip readers around the world, they are held captive by his shocking revelations. And once again, he doesn't disappoint as he tells all about life inside Britain's busiest airport, from flight statistics to embarrassing passenger stories, you will one minute reel in surprise, and the next rock with laughter.