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Liberating Judgment - Fanatics, Skeptics, and John Locke`s Politics of Probability
Casson, Douglas John

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Über den Autor

Douglas John Casson is assistant professor of political science at St. Olaf College.


"This innovative treatment of Locke emphasizes the role of probable judgment in early modern political thought. Casson clearly demonstrates that Locke, like several of his contemporaries, was searching for a middle way between the skepticism and dogmatism that characterized so much of the early modern era, and that he was able to apply a probabilistic solution to the political sphere."--Barbara Shapiro, University of California, Berkeley
""Liberating Judgment" is a welcome addition to the literature on Locke. More clearly and powerfully than any previous book, it traces the importance of the theme of probable judgment across several aspects of Locke's work, including his writings on medicine, epistemology, metaphysics, economics, and politics."--Alex Tuckness, Iowa State University