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Collins, R: Television
Policy and Culture
Collins, Richard

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Collins focuses on the impact of new television technologies, national policies for television, the effects of internationalisation, television news and documentaries and the likely development of media studies.


Paradigm lost?; media studies and research on information and communication technologies in the UK; the language of advantage - satellite television in Western Europe; the prognosis for satellite television in the UK; white and green and not much re(a)d - the white paper on broadcasting policy; broadband Black Death cuts queues - the information society and the UK; wall to wall Dallas? the US-UK trade in television programmes; broadcasting and national culture in Canada; national culture - a contradiction in terms?; walling Germany with brass - theoretical paradigms in British studies of television news; seeing is believing; - the ideology of naturalism.


British television studies in the 1980s have been wide- ranging, yet in the 1990s there is a need for a new body of general theory. In this consideration of contemporary issues concerning television, Collins combines original research with provocative analysis and argument. He focuses on the impact of new technologies and national policies for television in North America and Europe. He considers television news, documentaries, and the history and likely development of media studies. In tackling these issues he considers questions of general theory challenging the dominant assumptions of scholars and forcing a reconsideration of likely future studies.