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Parasites - Tales of Humanity′s Most Unwelcome Guests
Drisdelle, Rosemary

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Parasites - Tales of Humanity′s Most Unwelcome Guests


Über den Autor

Rosemary Drisdelle is a writer and a clinical parasitologist living in Nova Scotia.


"A very good read! Lots of parasite stories told in a compelling way."--Dickson Despommier, Emeritus Professor, Columbia University
"In her newest book, Rosemary Drisdelle gives us a fresh and exciting spin on the past and current history of parasites; a far too often disdained and ignored presence among us. Drisdelle's anecdotes make one of society's most dreaded entities accessible as well as enjoyable. "Parasites" and its historical insights have the ability to change society's view of and response to parasites amongst us."--Richard Saffern,