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North American SNJ / T-6 Texan Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions
Navy, United States & Army Air Forces, United States

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North American SNJ / T-6 Texan Pilot\'s Flight Operating Instructions



Originally designated as the "advanced trainer" AT-6, North American's single-engine training aircraft was extensively used by the U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. Navy (as the "SNJ"), Royal Air Force (as the "Harvard") and allied air forces during WWII. The prototype first flew in 1935, and by the time production ceased over 15,000 T-6s of all types were built. This included the AT-6B, which could hold a machine gun and was used for gunnery training, the AT-6G which offered a steerable tailwheel and advanced hydraulic system, and the Navy's SNJ-3C with arresting gear to permit carrier training. Aside from training duties T-6s saw service as forward air controllers, and served in combat on several occasions including for the French during the Algerian war. The T-6 remains a popular aircraft for Hollywood (in Tora! Tora! Tora! painted T-6s impersonated Japanese Zeros) and at air shows, where its throaty engine and classic "warbird" looks make it a crowd pleaser. This pilot's flight handbook dates from 1945, and features details on the AT-6C / SNJ-4 and Harvard IIA airplanes. Originally restricted, it was declassified long ago, and is reprinted here in its entirety.