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The Rich Man and Lazarus
Bullinger, E. W.

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In dealing with thisillegalscripture, and the subject of the so-called "intermediate state," it is important that we should confine ourselves to the *Word of God,* and not go to Tradition. Yet, when nine out of ten believe what they have learned from Tradition, we have a thankless task, so far as pleasing man is concerned. We might give our own ideas as the employment's, etc., of the "departed," and man would deal leniently with us. But let us only put *God's Revelation* against man's imagination, and then we shall be made to feel his wrath, and experience his opposition.
-from *The Rich Man and Lazarus*

In *The Rich Man and Lazarus,* Ethelbert William Bullinger offers his discussion of what happens to us after we die. Basing his analysis entirely on the words of the Bible-and not on "Tradition," which he explains is cause only for great confusion-Bullinger explores what God actually reveals to us inillegalscripture concerning humanity in life, and in death, as well as the state and condition of the dead.

First published in 1902, this work continues to inspire and enlighten readers of the Bible today.

British clergyman ETHELBERT WILLIAM BULLINGER (1837-1913) was one of the most respected Bible scholars of the 19th century. He is author of numerous works including *Commentary on Revelation*, *Great Cloud of Witnesses*, and *How to Enjoy the Bible*.

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