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To Be Back Home Again
Dove, Lori

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Growing up in Montana, Olivia Kayne was taught good manners, strict discipline, and to trust in a person's word. Now that she's graduated, she can't wait to spread her wings in pursuit of her dreams as an author in the Big Apple.

Things are very different living in New York. Olivia's idealistic beliefs prove to be very dangerous when she gives her heart to a man she thought she could trust. Caught in a web of deceit after mysterious package arrives, she endures a vicious attack that leaves her scarred.

Feeling broken and betrayed, she returns to Montana to heal, determined to never trust again. But fate has other plans. When Olivia meets Joshua Carrington, he's the most beautiful man she's ever seen. He's also cocky, self-centered, and bad-mannered with scars of his own. The more determined they are to stay on opposite sides of the fence; the more fate pushes them together. He can't ignore her simple, wholesome demeanor. She can't ignore his incredibly sexy, cowboy charm.

But can their scars heal enough to trust in love again?