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Trade and Travel in the Far East; Or, Recollections of Twenty-One Years Passed in Java, Singapore, Australia and China (Dodo Press)
Davidson, G. F.

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"The following pages were written to beguile the tediousness of a long voyage from Hong Kong to England, during the spring and summer of 1844. When I state, that the whole was written with the paper on my knee, for want of a desk, amid continual interruptions from three young children lacking amusement during their long confinement on ship-board, and with a perpetual liability to be pitched to leeward, paper and all, -I shall have said enough to bespeak from every goodnatured reader a candid allowance for whatever defects may attach to the composition. It is necessary, however, that I should also premise, that the sketches are drawn entirely from memory, and that the incidents referred to in the earlier chapters, took place some twenty years ago. "