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The Egyptian Conception of Immortality (Dodo Press)
Reisner, George Andrew

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George Andrew Reisner (1867-1942) was an American archaeologist of Ancient Egypt. In 1899 he led the Hearst Expedition of the University of California to explore burial grounds around Qift. From 1905-1914 he was Assistant Professor and from 1914-1942, Professor of Egyptology at Harvard University. He directed the archaeological survey of Nubia (Nilotic Sudan) for the Egyptian government (1907-1909), was curator of Egyptian collections at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (1910-1942), explored the pyramids of Meroë, and dug out the temple at Napata (1916-1923). He believed that Kerma was originally the base of an Egyptian governor and that these Egyptian rulers evolved into the independent monarchs of Kerma. He also created a list of Egyptian viceroys of Kush. He found the tomb of Queen Hetepheres the mother of King Khufu (Cheops in Greek) who built the Great Pyramid at Giza. His works include: The Hearst Medical Papyrus (as editor) (1905), The Egyptian Conception of Immortality (1912), Excavations at Kerma (1923), Mycerinus: The Temples of the Third Pyramid at Giza (1931) and A History of the Giza Necropolis (1942).

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