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With the Naval Brigade in Natal: 1899-1900 (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press)
1899-1900 (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press)
Burne, C. R. N.

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Lieutenant Charles Richard Newdigate Burne (1873-? ) was the author of With the Naval Brigade in Natal (1902). â¿¿This Journal, completed before leaving the front in October, 1900, does not assume to be more than a somewhat rough and unadorned record of my personal experiences during ten months of the South African (Boer) Campaign of 1899-1900 while in detached command of two 12-pounder guns of H. M.S. Terrible and H. M.S. Tartar. Having been asked by some of my friends to publish it, I am emboldened to do so, in the hope that the Journal may be of interest to those who read it, as giving some idea of work done by a Naval Brigade when landed for service at a most critical time. A few notes on Field Gunnery are appended with a view to give to others a few ideas which I picked up while serving with the guns on shore, after a previous experience as Gunnery Lieutenant in H. M.S Thetis and Cambrian. â¿¿