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Flower, B. O.

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ERALD MASSEY POET, PROPHET AND MYSTIC. BY B, 0. FLOWER, Author of THE CENTURY OF SIR THOMAS MORE, HOW ENGLAND AVERTED A REVOLUTION OF FORCE, Etc. THE ALLIANCE PUBLISHING COMPANY, NEW YORK. aopptfebteb bp 33, 0. glower. 1895. TQis booB is iqscribed to rqy wife, HATTIE C. FLOWER, raQose qoble life, aqd fiqe, iq- . spiriqg tQorlgQt, QaQe beeq a coqstaqt aid iq all I haye eqdeavored to accorq- plisn for freedom, justice aqd trrltfi, WORKS BY B. 0. FLOWER. Civilizations Inferno or, Studier in the Soda Cellar. Cloth, . . , . re The New Tie A Plea for the Uniou of the Moral Forces for Freedom and PI Q o t h , . . . . . . 1.00 Lesaons Learaed from Other Lives A Book of Short Biographies for Young People. Cloth, - - . . . . . 1.00 Gerald Massey Poet, Prophet and Mystic. Illustrated. Cloth, . . . . r.oo HIS little work briefly discusses t,he life and work of one of Eng- lands poets of the people, who deserves far more from the hands of those who love justice, freedom and truth than he has received. I have purposely quoted very freely from the writings of Mr. Massey, because I am persuaded that, in order to know the true self or the spiritual ego of an individual, me must see his soul in action, see him baitling with injustice or error, when the profound depths of his being are shed by some high and saving truth for then is revealed the spirit, unconscious for the moment of the fetters of environ- ment or t,he trammels of artificiality which surround us all. Then, the curtain is raised and we catch a glimpse of the holiest of holies of the humnn soul. This revela- tion of the higher self is very marked in the noblest lines of x true poet. I have had a further purpose in view in thus introducing the poet through his own words. I desired to bring the high, fine thought of Gerald Massey to the attention of men and women of conviction, believing that his noble ideals, his passionate appeals for justice, his prophetic glimpse of the coming day, would serve to awaken some sleeping souls, while they would strengthen others in their purpose to consecrate lifes best endeavors to the cause of earths misembles and to the diffusion of light. In the third chapter I have indicated Borne striking points of resemblance be- tween the writings of Massey and Whittier. The former is passionately in love with the beauty in common life. He is a tireless reformer, hating injustice more than he loves life, and he possesses a spiritual in- aight equalled by few modern poets. These also are marked characteristics of our New England Quaker poet. The titles poet, prophet and seer are as applicable to the one as to the other, altlthough Mr. Massey possesses less intuitional perception than Whittier. What he lacks here, how- ever, is balanced by his passion for truth, which has led him to search profoundly for hints and facts that demonstrate the reality of another life. Mr. Massey has been too fearless and too persistent a reformer to be appreciated in his time, but Ilia words and worth will be treasured in the brighter day, when we shall see dawning a social order which shall end enforced slavery for man, prostitution for woman, and ignorance for the child. As a poet of the common life who has revealed new beauties within and without the homes of the humble, I admire him as a fearless truth-seeker who has dared to incur the scoffs and sneers of convention- dism and the srtvage hate of ignorance, bigotry and fanaticism, in the cause of truth, I honor him and because he has been a true prophet of freedom, fraternity and justice, ever loyal to the interest of the oppressed, I love him. Mr. Massey face has been steadfastly set toward the morning his thoughts are luminous with the light of the coming age hence it is not surprising that he has disturbed the bats and owls, or enraged the serpents and tigers in society, who instinctively shrink from the holy candor of truth or the sweet reasonableness of justice...