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Cranberry Culture
White, Joseph J

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Contained within this text is a comprehensive and easily accessible guide on 'cranberry culture', including all the information someone with an interest in the topic could possibly benefit from. This text was written with the aim of furnishing a few facts for the guidance of those who are inexperienced in 'cranberry culture', and embodies in a plain and concise manner all the useful and practical facts which study and experience have yielded to the inquiring cranberry grower. The chapters of this book include: Natural History, History of Cultivation, Choice of Location, Preparing the Ground, Planting the Vines, Management of Meadows, Flooding, Enemies and Difficulties, Picking, Keeping, Profit and Loss, and Letter from Piratical Growers. Originally published in 1909, we are proud to republish this text now complete with a new introduction on the subject.