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New History Of The 99th Indiana Infantry
Containing Official Reports, Anecdotes, Incidents, Biographies And Complete Rolls
Lucas, Daniel R

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Containing Official Reports, Anecdotes, Incidents, Biographies and Complete Rolls, B I7 CHAPLAIN D. R. LUCAS. COLONEL ALEXANDER FOWLER, In 18t13, at Age d 41. NOTHING BUT AN OLD SOLDIER. BY CHAFILAIN 11. K. LUCAS. ,cult In arlrl -..rlrr-i wtlt 1111lpln nlan I htref, P whn rhtrlwrt rling rnan aaid to r r.urllltsnl.,n whoaukrdrll sn.1 what he xar. ..Stthlta but an olal kcmldier hi IF the old WIIPP rqbly. .-Snthing hut an crld sollIier -hat I that Tht rrlrt a .iFln ahrlut me ko pat . l-t 11 I yuei. IILIP rifiht I am apttin ld I1t aftt.r a11 a fdhllt.r dmt likr Irein told rat hr . nathin rlw. ra it btu n a to lrlam lJ.r ltLin old, an brokrrl-drm n an lame It r nu ri ust httq, anal think a nlinutr. vou d Sqt wndr-r if I was a littlr rkewrd. n tlht r1kiltt.r an h.lrr stump c.raky wa3-r .Zl,lut In walklli.-thwt wac Lljrnr 11tht.r alas brn it a. tliffrtknt whrn 1 ctaod 11p traight, An salkcd a middlin fair an -trady yalt. .I-ni nart wrr rouny fc ller. if vtm-n a brrn Vtrr.rt. I hale hrrr an wen what I have wen,, If uu.I a 1rr.t.n with mr an felt tbt pain 0 narihin da arl night irl 4urh an,rain. If Falrlcl a follrrrrl rant an Shrtman to. It y-ar ait nllm rxviuli 11t rr traiht an true. .It v o l a laid all night on frlnty grounu. .Irl tarrlrrl autl an kriaprk an- forty rrrnnu. I 3 rnd a trr,d in lintb atl heard tkr zip 0 3Iinnic Imllep zirt. tlur dr R tip, If t r d b d listcnll to thr crrr.hin hhll I drln-t think nllw ybud fvel awful well. Jwt think cr rant an Shrrman an thv rrlrn. tVhu led uh in the days 1 llattlt. then .Ju.t think that all I thrnl are Ithad an gtnr. .U that m- earthly ract- ir tlt.arl ran, An r 11 not wnrirr if I m lame liint rnaugh and ru 11 hr .I juht thr amem. Nrrthin but an old hrddfer It nay be I In tor hen5tivt-. ar otherh rannot see The I I L a it ayywar, t r rurh a-, m, Thu tolluwed Jilly. Shvrman t41 thr ea. Ark trarn1t-d hr much in sm-arnph r f icr ,m c.ald Tbdt bunibn.. r rt4r in t. ha-. had a hmld. .Sothtn but a11 uld -tltlirr A Ilvg trnt Ain t thr brt rshrltrr in the vent Of Old an tarmy wratnrr anpm-hrrr. An yet I lrac to alntrr tbrrc FIN thrrc llrnlf nintrr., an 31,u may knlr thalurnatlr lrgs makr salkin rathrr loll-. Salthin but an old olrlicrk 010 an prar-. I guess yuur right yaxlng man in nhat jtu hag Tllvre aint no tltle that a inark ran wear For honorrd wrvir than the wlrliers car. The men wh.1 wtlfch thr royal unickn blue. For if thrir lryn are 8lnw their Iicurln are true. LIEUT.-COLON EL JOHN .V. BERKEY. 1861. INTRODUCTION. Thirty-five years will have passed away by June 5, 1900, since tllc survivors of the th Illdiallit Yolunteer Infantry were mustcred out of tht serrice of the Pnited States, after thrr years of active military life. As the regiment marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, at the grand review of the army on May 24, 1.865, the l42 mtbn that once composed its rank and file were not all there. Ontl hundred and eightyheight, or twenty per cent. of the number, were not in line, for the hands that once so 1roudly grasprd thr sword, or the musket, were cold and still, cllntler the sod and dew, waiting the judgment day. One hundred and sixty-four, or seventeen per cent. had bven discharged on account of wounds, or disability incurred in the service, many of them to go with halting steps for a few gears and then to go in feebleness down to the grave. Twenty-seven of them by their lonxings for home and the had advice of friends there, gave up their manhood and deserted the ranks. Their names will not appear in this history, for it is enough that they are lweserved in the archives of the nation. They wvre nearly all the first winter in est Tennessee and each company had one or more, five heing the greatest liumber from any company...