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Moose-Hunting, Salmon-Fishing And Other Sketches Of Sport
Being The Record Of Personal Experiences Of Hunting Wild Game In Canada
Pattillo, T. R.

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MOOSE-HUNTING, 2 SALMON-FISHING I S AND OTHER SKETCHES OF SPORT PRINTED BY WlLLIAM CLOWES AND SONS, LIMITED, LONDON AND BECCLES vi NOTE is like listening to the stories of a genial companion when out on a sporting expedition. As I think it is quite possible that a second edition may be called for, I shall be very glad to receive, on behalf of the author, the notes of rod and gun sportsmen who may know, as they are at present, the hunting and shooting districts and rivers referred to in this work. Our author certainly had grand sport, and although it cannot be so good as formerly, let us hope there is still game enough left to be worth going for. The deillegalscriptions of salmon-fishing make one wonder what it mould be like if it was properly preserved. ST. DUNSTANS HOUSE, FETTER LAKE, LONDON, E.C., Pebrzcccry, 1902. R. B. MARSTON, ED. Fishiszg Gazette. CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE I, MOOSE-CALLISU IX NOVA SCOTIA . . l IV. SALMON ASL TROUT FISHISG ON THE MEDWAY, NOVA SCOTIA . . 24 VI. SHOOTING GEESE AND GLUE-WISGS OS THE POHT JOLI HARBOUR AND LAKES IN QUEENS NOVA SCOTIA . COUNTY . 58 V CATCHING THE ALBACORB, OR HORSE-IIACKEREL , 82 VIII. A PEXILOUS AND EXCITING ADVENTURE OS THE MEDWAY R,IVER AT BANGS FALLS . . 91 IX. SHOOTING IN THE GANALIAN NORTH-WEST . . 98 XI. GOOSE-SHOOTISG AT DERRY ON THE NORTHUMBERLAND ISLASD, FOX HARBOUE, STRAW, NOVA SCOTI. 175 CONTENTS CHAPTEB PAGE XII. SALMON-FISHING AT GREENFIELD . . 229 . 245 XIII. MOOSE-HUNTING WITH DOGS AND ON SNOW-SHOES XIV. CONTINUATION OF MOOSE-HUNT ON SNOW-SHOES AND wrllII DOGS AT PORT JOLI, QUSENS Nova SCOTIA . COUNTY, . 260 XV. EXCITING OCCURRENCES VOYAGE, ON A WEST-INDIAN INCLUDIXa A HURRICANE ADVENTURE, THE CAP- TURE OF A MAN-EATER SHARK AND DOLPHIN, CLOSING WITH AN ENCOUNTER AND THE KILLING OF A FISH BEARING THE EUPHONIOUS TITLE OF THE DEVIL-FISH, IN A BOAT ON THE GULF OF PAKA . . 266