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Greenhouses, Their Construction And Equipment
Wright, William Joseph

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Greenhouses, Their Construction And Equipment



TO MY FATHER IN WIIOSE FLLTE-HEATED, SHED ROOF PROPAGATING HOUSE I FIRST LEARNED TO LOVE THE SMELL OF THE SOIL . .. v111 PKEI7ACE Experiment Stations and of the Unitecl States Department of Agriculture. The book is offered wit11 a full conscious- ness of its shortcomings, but with the hope that it may be of sonie definite service and that it inay serve as a focusing point for criticisms and suggestions, out of which nlay be born a fuller knowledge through the experience and observation of its readers. W. J. WRIGHT. New York State Scllool of Agriculture, I 917, Alfred, New York. CONTENTS CHAPTER I Classes of sash-beds-Classes of green- houses-Evolution of the greenhouse. CHAPTER I1 Hotheds, location of, sash, pit, manure for- Coldframes-Cold or storage pits-Forcing boxes-Gable roof sash-beds-Mqts and shutters-Care of sash-bed materials. GREEKITOUSE PROPER-GENERAL CON- SIDERATIONS . . 35-49 Location-Arrangement-Size of houses- Pitch of roof-Measuring the pitch-Length of rafters. CHAPTER IV 1,ean-to or shed-roof houses-Even-span or span-roof houses-Uneven span houses- Ridge-and-furrow houses-Side hill houses -Curved roof houses-Curved eave houses -Circular houses. CHAPTER V STRUCTURAL MATERIAL . . 63-79 Glazing sill-Eave plate-Gutter-Glazing bars-Side posts-Sash bars-Gable bars- Drip gutters-Purlins-Ridge-Kinds of wood used-Framing.