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Digital Learning in Organizations: Help Your Workforce Capitalize on Technology
Wheeler, Steve

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Über den Autor

Steve Wheeler is a learning innovations consultant and has worked with a number of high-profile organizations to support innovation, change and digital learning. Prior to this, he was an Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at the Plymouth Institute of Education at the University of Plymouth and a manager in the NHS. He regularly keynotes at learning events around the world and has written extensively on the topic of technology-supported education and learning.


Chapter - 00: Introduction - Setting the scene; Chapter - 01: Learning and change; Chapter - 02: Disrupting workplace learning; Chapter - 03: A brief history of learning technology; Chapter - 04: Change in context; Chapter - 05: Personalizing learning; Chapter - 06: Hyper-connected communities of practice; Chapter - 07: Knowledge networks; Chapter - 08: Digital readiness; Chapter - 09: Connection and disruption; Chapter - 10: State of play; Chapter - 11: How we shape our futures; Chapter - 12: References; Chapter - 13: Index


Technology holds vast potential for learning and development (L&D) practitioners. It can improve performance, productivity, engagement and knowledge retention. But if employees aren't able to leverage the potential of these technologies, any investment in them may be wasted. Digital Learning in Organizations shows L&D professionals how to make sure that their workforce is 'digitally ready' and has the skills, capabilities and understanding needed to capitalize on the opportunities created by learning technologies and to feel confident in their ability to get the most out of them. It includes guidance on how technologies can be used to improve both social and personal learning, how the increased flexibility created by technology enables a multi-located workforce to develop simultaneously, and discussion of how to ensure that technology really does facilitate employee development and doesn't become a distraction.

Digital Learning in Organizations also includes comprehensive coverage of the ways in which L&D practitioners can engage with learning technologies and digital capabilities such as mobile learning, wearable technology, learning analytics, digital game-based learning as well as augmented, mixed and virtual reality. Packed with insights from leading L&D practitioners and case studies from organizations including Royal Mail, DTE Energy, and the UK National Health Service (NHS), this is an essential read for all L&D practitioners needing to improve employee and company performance in a digital world.

Provides guidance on how L&D practitioners can engage digital capabilities such as mobile learning, wearable technology, learning analytics, virtual presence tools and augmented, mixed and virtual reality