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Third European Edition
Schacter, Daniel & Gilbert, Daniel & Wegner, Daniel & Hood, Bruce M.

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Über den Autor

Daniel Schacter is Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, USA. He is the author of Searching for Memory and The Seven Sins of Memory, both winners of the APA's William James Book Award.

Daniel Gilbert is Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, USA. He has won numerous awards, including the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the American Psychological Association's Distinguished Scientific Award for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology.

Daniel Wegner was Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, USA. Author of White Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts and The Illusion of Conscious Will, he was also a member of the Board of Reviewing Editors for Science magazine.

Bruce Hood is Professor of Developmental Psychology in Society at the University of Bristol, UK. Bruce has appeared in a number of TV science documentaries and in 2011 he delivered the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures which were broadcast on the BBC to over 4 million viewers.


1. Psychology: the evolution of a science.- 2. The methods of psychology .- 3. Neuroscience and behaviour .- 4. Sensation and perception.- 5. Memory.- 6. Learning.- 7. Language and thought.- 8. Consciousness.- 9. Intelligence.- 10. Emotion and motivation.- 11. Cognitive development.- 12. Social development.- 13. Personality.- 14. Social relationships.- 15. Social groups.- 16. Psychological disorders.- 17. Mental health.


This globally-focused and renowned textbook spans the entire discipline of psychology - from the fundamental principles of psychology as a science, to more nuanced approaches in core disciplines such as cognitive, developmental, social and personality psychology. Woven together with engaging features, research boxes and activities that will help students to both think like a scientist and stretch their imagination.

In-depth and yet written with irresistible enthusiasm and humour by a world-renowned team of psychologists and researchers, this book is a complete course companion for all undergraduate psychology students. It is both engaging and yet scientifically sound and theoretically rigorous. The only book students need as they begin their study of psychology.

  • Coverage - the book covers all major curriculum subjects, making it a perfect fit for any introductory psychology course in the UK, Europe and beyond
  • Rigorous science - the authors are renowned psychologists in their respective fields
  • Author team - aside from their impeccable academic credentials, the authors all write successful books for the popular market
  • Pedagogy and Relatability - the book focuses content around several distinctive features, including the well-received 'Hot Science' and 'Psychomythology' which help students relate the hard science to their lives and experiences outside of the classroom.
  • Superb on Neuroscience - this field of psychology remains the hottest ticket in town and its coverage here is still unparalleled
  • Strong coverage of social, developmental and memory psychology
  • An online Lecturer manual contains lecture suggestions, discussion questions, class exercises, a media planner and a BPS syllabus matrix


  • New happiness hacks feature addresses the growing awareness of student psychological wellbeing, the threats to it and ways to bolster it - increasingly a priority for universities and for students themselves.
  • New cross-cultural comparison feature moves the perspective away from assuming a default western readership.