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Titus Alone, 4 Audio-CDs
Peake, Mervyn

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Titus Alone, 4 Audio-CDs


Titus Groan has fled the rambling, ruined and ruinous castle of Gormenghast, desperate for a view of the world beyond. But he wasn't prepared for this. Satellites, death-rays, sinister policemen and underworld outcasts live in a nightmarish contemporary city that feels like something by Wells, Burroughs or Philip K. Dick. Threatened and lost, he begins to miss the home he left; but surely he won't be tempted back?
Titus Alone is a completely unexpected development, its bizarre and absurd satirical vision placing the dangers of progressive modernity against the deadening force of tradition.
Mervyn Peake, geboren 1911 im Kaiserreich China, ist neben seinen literarischen Werken auch als Maler und Illustrator hervorgetreten. Peake starb 1968 in Burford bei Oxford.