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Battle of Grozny (August 1996)
Miller, Frederic P. & Vandome, Agnes F. & McBrewster, John

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In the August 1996 Battle of Grozny Chechen rebels conducted a rapid assault (code-named Operation Jihad) on the Chechnya capital Grozny. This led to the final ceasefire in the First Chechen War. The Russians had occupied the capital since February 1995 and had garrisoned 10,000 Russian Ministry of the Interior (MVD) troops there, but the rebels managed to either rout or split the Russian forces in the city into dozens of small pockets of resistance, and over the next five days to beat back and decimate several Russian Army units that were sent to eject them from the city. The battle effectively ended the 1994-1996 war.