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Cross Lake First Nation

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Cross Lake First Nation


High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Cross Lake First Nation is a band of Cree First Nation in Canada governed under the Indian Act. Its members occupy several reserves within the town of Cross Lake situated on the east shore of Cross Lake in the Province of Manitoba. As of October, 2008, its recorded registered membership was 6,969, of which 4,953 people of this First Nation lived on their Reserve. Cross Lake is the principal community of the Pimicikamak indigenous people that made treaty with the British Crown in 1875. Its indigenous language is Woods Cree. Cross Lake was the site of a residential school operated under Canada's assimilation policy. In 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized for the damage caused by this policy. Under the Indian Act, Cross Lake First Nation has a municipal government with a Band Council. Since 1999, the Band Council is no longer elected under the Indian Act. The Executive Council of Pimicikamak sits ex officio as the Council of the Band but continues to be the agent of the Minister of Indian Affairs for delivering programs to band members on reserve.