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Cairo International Stadium

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Cairo International Stadium



High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Cairo International Stadium or "Stad El-Qahira El- Dawly", is an Olympic-standard, multi-use stadium with an all-seated capacity of 74,100. It is the Arab World and Africa's third largest (After Borg El Arab Stadium and Soccer City Stadium with an all-seated capacity of 86,000 and 94,700 respectively.) It is the foremost Olympic-standard facility befitting the role of Cairo, Egypt as the center of events in the region. It is also the 69th largest stadium in the world. Located in Nasr City; a suburb north east of Cairo, it was completed in 1960, and was inaugurated by President Gamal Abdel Nasser on 23rd July that year, the eighth anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.In 2005 in preparation for the 2006 African Cup of Nations it underwent a major renovation, and was brought up to 21st century world standard along with all its multi-game Olympic facilities.