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Australian Aboriginal kinship

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Australian Aboriginal kinship


High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Australian Aboriginal kinship is the system of law governing social interaction, particularly marriage, in traditional Aboriginal culture. It is an integral part of the culture of every Aboriginal group across Australia. The subsection or 'skin name' system is a division of society into a number of groups, each of which is given a name that can be used to refer to individual members of that group. There are systems with two such groupings, six and eight. Some language groups extend this by having distinct male and female forms, giving a total of sixteen skin names, such as the Pintupi and Warlpiri. While membership in skin groups is ideally based on blood relations, Australian Aboriginal kin systems are classificatory, meaning that even people who are not actual blood relations are assigned to a skin system. They are also universal, meaning that every member of the society is assigned a position in the system.