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Contemporary Witchcraft

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Contemporary Witchcraft


High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Contemporary Witchcraft refers to many different types of Witchcraft practises practised in the 21st Century. Two Pagan derived religions that accept the practise of Witchcraft is Wicca and Stregheria. Other people believe it to simply be a Witchcraft practices that are able to coincide with strict dogmatic religious such as Christianity. As mentioned above, one of the most widely accepted Witchcraft practises is Wicca, a Pagan religion, which was first seen publicly in the early 1950s after the repeal of anti-Witchcraft laws then extant in the United Kingdom. The practice of contemporary Witchcraft often involves the use of divination, the practice of magic, working with the four classical elements, and with unseen forces such as spirits and the forces of nature.