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Adrien-Marie Legendre

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Adrien-Marie Legendre


High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Adrien- Marie Legendre (18 September 1752 10 January 1833) was a French mathematician. He made important contributions to statistics, number theory, abstract algebra and mathematical analysis. Adrien-Marie Legendre was born in Paris (or possibly, in Toulouse, depending on sources) on 18 September 1752 to a wealthy family. He was given a top quality education at the Collège Mazarin in Paris, defending his thesis in physics and mathematics in 1770. From 1775 to 1780 he taught at the École Militaire in Paris, and from 1795 at the École Normale, and was associated with the Bureau des longitudes from 1813. In 1782, he won the prize offered by the Berlin Academy for his treatise on projectiles in resistant media, which brought him to the attention of Lagrange. In 1783 he became an adjoint of the Académie des Sciences, and an associé in 1785. During the French Revolution, in 1793, he lost his private fortune, but was able, with the help of his wife, Marguerite-Claudine Couhin, whom he married in the same year, to put his affairs in order.