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Dragon Warrior Monsters

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Dragon Warrior Monsters is the first video game in the Dragon Quest Monsters series. It was released in Japan by Enix on September 25, 1998 and co-published by Eidos Interactive in North America on December 31, 1999. It was released for the Game Boy Color before the console itself was released; however, the cartridge is backward compatible with the older Game Boy console in black-and-white color. The game was remade for the PlayStation as Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2. This game is the first Dragon Warrior Monsters game to be released for the Game Boy Color. It features the characters Terry and Milayou from Dragon Quest VI when they were children, before the events in Dragon Quest VI. Dragon Warrior Monsters is often compared to the Pokémon series due to their similar gameplay. Critics set the games apart by noting the in-depth breeding system seen in this game.